Cinco De Mayo 2007

Saturday May the 5th was an important day not only for the Mexican populous world wide as the day that they celebrate their country’s independence. This event was also celebrated within Disney and Universal Studios here in Florida.

The day began with stalls vending exotic foods (boy those chillis’s can really burn)

Bouncy Castles, loved by the kids were available. The Gator Ade Gator was in attendance to keep the kids happy too.

The Tiki Bar was in full swing with Hot dogs and FREE BEER, you couldn’t ask for more, as well as snacks and sodas.

A party atmosphere was in the air as people enjoyed the festivities and this was further enhanced by the wonderful weather.

As the day drew on into the night, people drifted away to take a rest and to recoup for the evening event which included Karaoke and Disco. Gwyn’s staff moved into top gear and the place was buzzing. Gwyn was attired in a very dashing red and black flamenco dress and although she never actually strutted her stuff was on hand to get the party going.

At midnight Emerald Island returned to its demure and conservative self and as people left, everybody expressed their thanks to all those that went into making this a fantastic day and night to remember.