Do you own a home on the Emerald Island Resort?

Congratulations. There are a few resources for owners that you may be interested in.

How to list on this site. is a Partner Listing Site and the listings you see come from the information entered in an account there. There is no charge to get listed and only if you make a booking will any commission be due. Check out further details here.

To get listed here:

    If you don't have a account:
  1. Go to the registration page
  2. Complete your account activation

  3. Then:
  4. Add your EI property/properties and be sure to select Emerald Island Resort as your community.
  5. Ensure that availability is provided by entering your reservations directly or linking to an existing account.
  6. Your listing should now appear, if it does not then click here for help. If you are using as your calendar then be sure to get the system to perform a synchronization now rather than wait for the overnight one to occur.

Got a booking from a request on this site?

Excellent! There are just three things to do:

  1. If you have not received the notification email telling you that the booking has been registered then go to your Referrals received tab and register it
  2. Arrange to pay the commission due on the booking as follows:

    By Check: c/o Neil Robinson
    6174 Valley Glen Drive, San Jose, CA 95123 USA
    Phone: +1 408 365 9992 (GMT-8hrs)
    Be sure to include the Booking number (in the notification email) as a reference on your check.

    Using your PayPal account:
    Click on the PayPal link in your notification email to prefill everything.

    If you really cannot find the link then use the PayPal button here as a last resort as it makes tracking the payment more difficult
    Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

  3. Tell the system that you've made the payment on the Referrals commissions tab.

Other Services and Information

In addition to powering the rental listings on this site, MyVRZone provides the following services...

Referral Network

Here you can help locate homes for guests that you are unable to accommodate, or help find additional accommodations when your guests need more than one property.

Availability Calendars

Enter your bookings into MyVRZone directly and use it to display your calendar on your own website plus it can update other calendars for you automatically.

Guest Book

An independent Guest Book for use on your own site or as a link.

Your Homeowners Associations.

The Homeowners Associations have a website for owners available at


Whether you are new at renting or an expert, there are several forums where you can learn new things and share your experiences.

  • Emerald Island Resort Forum - a private forum for Emerald Island Owners
  • Top Forums - a private forum related to property rentals all over Florida, but concentrates mainly on the Orlando area.
  • Vacation Rentals Yahoo Group - discusses vacation rentals throughout the world, but mainly owners in the USA. Talk about issues that owners around the globe face.