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Emerald Island Resort - Kissimmee - Florida - UNITED STATES

7 Bedrooms - 4.5 Bathrooms - Sleeps 14

Contact: mrs Berni richards

Bernis Home from Home - Emerald Island Resort

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Ann Pope - Mar 2010
This is a fantastic villa. It is in a very convenient location and has great amenities for a large group including a good sized pool and a games room. We stayed here for three weeks over Easter (as were delayed by volcanic ash) and had a very enjoyable time.
Unfortunately, we feel we have been treated unfairly because of Mrs Richard's approach to the security deposit. She deducted an amount for damage to some bedding which I considered to be perfectly justified and did not dispute at all. However, she has also deducted $300 for 'excessive bills' because the electricity bill and the water bill were significantly larger than usual. I do not dispute for a moment fhat the bills were large but I consider Mrs Richards' approach of comparing our bills with the average monthly bill (when the property is empty for many weeks a year) to be very unfair for the following reasons:
1. We ended up staying for 22 days but Mrs Richards takes no account of this in her comparison with the average monthly bill, using the same figure however long the stay is. This means we are inevitably penalised because we had a very long stay, even though we paid an extra 8 days rent.
2. We paid a total of $660 for pool heating - enough to cover both the bills considered to be excessive - but Mrs Richards uses the same average comparison whether or not pool heating has been paid for, even though it must be the case that the electricity bill will be higher with pool heating. I find this particularly unfair.
3. We were a large group of 13 people - often the villa is occupied by smaller groups. It is inevitable that a large group will use more water and electricity and I believe this should be included in the rent.

Mrs Richards has said that I am acting unreasonably and expecting her to pay my bills. I believe the oppposite is true - I have paid her bills twice over. We have exchanged a lot of emails on this subject but she has not answered the points above. Instead, she has stated that it is for her to decide what is excessive and that I should have clarified what was meant by this term before I signed the contract. I hope if she replies to this post that she will deal with the points I have raised and not just criticise me. That will allow other prospective guests to understand the approach she takes to calcuating an excessive bill and decide for themselves if it is a risk they want to take.
Owner comments...
ann is upset that i had to hold back some of her security deposit I didnt hold as much back as I should have to cover all the excessive amounts I felt sorry for her (silly me).

Ann said she didnt question when i told her about the damage to the bedding she did until I received the photos taken by my mc and emailed them on to her to prove the damage. That is the 1st lie in her comments about our villa and i have all the emails to prove that.

In terms of the excessive bills how can someone who reads and signs the terms and conditions of a rental villa then tell the owner of that villa that the meaning behind excessive bills in the terms and conditions needs to be defined AFTER the fact. If I found her to be reasonable about everything then I might have updated my terms and conditions slightly to accomodate a definition of excessive but I have asked for advice from many other owners and they do not think it is a good idea to completely define the word excessive. how can you in black and white terms define excessive when it is based on some many different factors.

We owners know what our bills are when empty, or dates filled with either small or large groups of people and average them out over the year (but each month depends on so many factors how can anyone define exactly everything it could be down too)? I have a limit defined in my head that before this time only 1 set of guests have gone over and been charged for I am not an unreasonable person. In fact I am an honest person and expect guests that stay in our villa are as well but just recently everyone wants everything for nothing and have attitudes like it wasnt me. The electricity bill for example was nearly 3 times as much as I was expecting now come on doesnt that seem extreme to everyone, I have no idea how or why the bill was so high Ann said she didnt do anything to make the bills so high but.....

I was not in the villa at the time of Ann's stay and I cannot afford to pay for others excessive bills and people who threaten people are not welcome in our villa again.

How i charge for pool heating is up to me and in fact how I decided on what the rental rate should be too and it should not be up for discussion with guests. If they dont like the rate or the terms and conditions then they should go elsewhere. Our villa sleeps 14 so most of the time it has large groups in it so some of Ann's comments are wrong and misleading.
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